Five44 Co Label

Five44 Co was born out of the idea that creating, releasing, and promoting music shouldn't be so hard. We are rethinking and reshaping the recording and record label process.

At Five44 Co it's a team effort. We want you as an artist to succeed and grow your brand. With years of experience in all aspects of the music business, we have a simple and effective approach to recording, releasing, and promoting music.

Five44 Co Custom Services

Production and Artist Development

In addition to releasing music from artists on the label, we can help you bring your music from an idea to a fully produced recorded track ready to be released worldwide.

Marketing and Distribution

When your music is ready for release we can help you distribute it on all popular music channels. We can also help you market it on social media platforms.


August 10, 2020

Album Review - Wayd Battle's "Powerless"

“Battle” is about the perfect last name for Wayd. Eternally situated between sin and redemption, rich and poor, sauced and sober, successful and forgotten, this is where you’ll find Wayd’s soul and songs, with these weighty forces constantly fighting for supremacy, and Wayd stuck right in the middle narrating it all in moving moments perfectly suitable for country music with an emphasis on rich songwriting.


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